Judith F. Bagby, Attorney

Judith F. Bagby was the first woman to practice law in Paulding County, Georgia.  She began working with her late father, George T. Bagby, while in law school during the mid-1970's.  Judith has practiced law for almost 40 years from the oldest firm in Paulding County (established by Mr. Bagby in 1951), now as a sole practitioner.  Judy, as she is known in the community, was born and raised in Paulding County, and graduated from Dallas High School.  She received a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and a JD degree from John  Marshall Law School. She served as a Special Assistant Attorney General in conducting the closing of the purchase by the State of Georgia of the property set aside for the Pickett's Mill Historical Site in the New Hope area of the county.  She has served in various offices in the Paulding County Bar Association and the Tallapoosa Circuit Bar Association.  Judy served for several years on the State of Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission, and was invited to become a fellow with the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia.  She currently serves on the Board of the City of  Dallas Cemetery Trust.  Although she was a general practitioner for over 25 years, her practice now consists primarily of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial, and of estate matters including Wills and Probate Court proceedings.